Brand new GL8 driving quality

We have this new GL8 mileage is also more than 3000 km, the actual calculation of the average fuel consumption of 11.2L / 100km. Which the seventh refueling due to the high-speed service area in Zhejiang, the service area only 98 # gasoline, so the price is much higher than the previous several, comprehensive down, we this GL8 mainly in the urban ring road driving comparison More and more from a Guangde, and usually often from Pudong Airport, the current average average speed reached 35km / h, fuel consumption is relatively low. Of course, the initial point of view, for a curb of about 2 tons of quality, usually often full of shooting equipment and personnel in the case, to have 11.2L / 100km comprehensive fuel consumption performance, I am still very satisfied.
Overall, the new GL8 driving quality can be said to be beyond our expectations of it. Excellent power compared to the old section of the obvious progress, the daily performance of the gearbox is also more intelligent, and ordinary drivers for daily driving has not felt the old side of the phenomenon of slow response. As for the suspension, steering and noise and other aspects of the performance, the new GL8 is still in the same level have a very good results. In short, it is still a comfortable sitting, but slowly become more suitable for their own so open a MPV. The new look of interior styling, it is not stick to the field of commercial vehicles, become more biased towards the family, but also make it more pleasing.

Facelift of the 25S business car power

From the driving experience, the facelift of the 25S business car power on the use of a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, although not as good as the old 3.0L so good power, but to meet the normal use of the words, while compared to the old paragraph more Direct injection technology, and then with the start and stop function of the 6AT gearbox, making the vehicle’s fuel consumption is reduced by one step, the chassis after re-adjustment and put on electronic power steering, the driving experience is more than the old models, almost equal to our long Measured this 28T models. Can be said to be a very cost-effective models.
In fact, I was in the test article and we have a simple analysis of the old and new models with the sale of the phenomenon of common in the country, GL8 itself is the original “fat head fish” version and the oldest Luzun models sold together, now This layout also makes the GL8 models from 22 million -45 million this price range has its own products, the use of a new generation of models continue to maintain the dominant position of the MPV market, while the old models to upgrade, and the price dropping , Began to further erode the original Odyssey and the gentry of the market space. At the same time through the facelift, the old GL8′s competitiveness to further strengthen, whether it is configuration or driving quality are based on the original to be greatly improved, so that both high-end business / home users or small and medium enterprises can be in a reasonable budget interval To find their own models, I believe GL8 models in the 2017 market response should still be very hot.

Changan MPV models

The name is a new name, this car is a new positioning. Ling Xuan’s size is larger than the Changan Auchan, length and width were 4730/1795 / 1730mm, wheelbase 2760mm, with 2 +2 +3 seven layout. Power carrying a model for the JL478QEA 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 91kW (125Ps), the peak torque of 160Nm.
This car is very clear positioning, is the home MPV market, and then is the opponent directed by Po Chun 730, so this size and Po Chun 730 compared to the length of more than 20mm, the width of more than 10mm, the wheelbase grows 10mm, basically what are To be strong opponents turbocharger suppliers, want to get rid of Po Chun 730′s determination is well known.
In this regard, Changan Automobile Ling Xuan is indeed done enough homework. This is by the Changan Automobile Japan Design Center to build a new car, the overall shape of the atmosphere stable, while fashion technology, home also look pleasing.
Previously, Changan MPV models replacement turbo are launched by Changan commercial vehicles, Ling Xuan is Changan Automobile “V” standard under the first MPV models, Chang’an Automobile is also a significant significance. Changan Automobile Vice President Li Wei said, Ling Xuan’s listing not only opened a long safety new product lineage, but also shoulder the Chinese car brand mid-size MPV turbo aftermarket overall market breakthrough and reshape the important pattern of market structure.

MPV sales charts

MPV sales last year, the top ten, almost all independent brands (only a GL8 is a joint venture brand), which SAIC GM Wuling have two, Changan Automobile has two, Dongfeng Liu steam has two.
However, there is a brand is not satisfied, because it only occupied the third and fifth, the first two were SAIC GM Wuling Wuling Hongguang and Po Chun 730 occupied.
Well, this brand is Changan car. It’s the Ounuo and Auchan were third and fifth, which makes love face Changan car heart some bad mood turbo for sale.
Now, Changan car in the car and SUV products, some models can do one of the best. But in MPV, Changan would like to break the fate of Wuling long-term championship runner-up. Moreover, in the end of home MPV, Changan has not been very to force the models turbocharger for sale cheap, which makes Changan Automobile intends to come up with a little move.
Bluntly, especially to see Po Chun 730 sell so well, Chang decided to give it the color to see. Besides, the champion turns to do, can not always be Bao Jun to Pa, not to mention Changan turbocharger replacement now emboldened enough.
This afternoon, the car sister uncle to see the Changan car this murder – Ling Xuan.

GS 200t fuel consumption test

Fuel consumption test throughout the use of energy-saving mode, 107.7 km, including urban congestion roads and high-speed sections, the average speed of 29km / h, measured average fuel consumption of 9.7L / 100km, for a 2.0T engine using a large car is a normal performance The
For the Lexus models, has not been too worried about the problem of quiet, after all, the vehicle NVH project is also an important indicator of luxury, GS 200t done in this area is good, in addition to the engine more than 2500rpm will be a little noise, the wind Noise, noise, chassis noise has a very good control, the speed of the noise value is lower than our recommended value.
But this does not prevent me from enjoying the time with the GS 200t, I have a 525Li, when the election time did not consider the GS series, mainly because the GS 250 price is too high, the price is too low, but now GS 200t price cuts, modeling, configuration advantages to show up

Lexus five driving modes

Lexus has set up five driving modes for GS: energy saving, standards, sports, sports +, and less common snow patterns. Energy-saving mode does not make the vehicle becomes very meat, it is only a slight reduction in the throttle response, upshift more active, usually can always be open to get better fuel performance. The most extreme movement + mode is not irritable, upshift timing is only a little later than the standard model, the power will not fight like chicken and blood continued to excitement, but with the same intensity of the throttle, faster and more responsive response. So much driving mode is indeed not very obvious difference between, or a gentle look.
In the driving mode switch between the most obvious change is the chassis, this F SPORT version of the models equipped with AVS adjustable suspension, usually with comfort as the first priority, due diligence to resolve the bumps on the road, excellent The overall so that you can not detect the extra vibration, and the same level of emphasis on business positioning models no difference. In the movement and movement + mode, the chassis becomes tight, the seams on the road can be clearly aware of, excellent support is also to resolve the focus of the transfer brought about by the inertia. The tail of the same positive response, the whole action is very coherent, this time you will find no longer wheelbase is how valuable, it can be said Lexus GS is the same level will be comfortable and sports combined with the best models.

330TSI is still enough power

330TSI using the 1.8T engine, with 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The maximum power of 180 horsepower (132 kW) and the peak torque of 300 Nm is very nice data. The official given 0-100km / h acceleration score of 8.9 seconds, the reference 380TSI model before the measured results better than the official data case, the actual performance of the car may also be better than the performance of the data reflected.
The throttle pedal is very light, gently catch up to let the engine have to respond, if it is in the stop and stop the urban road traffic, this adjustment style for vw lowering kits is very appropriate. Volkswagen models throttle most of the early part of the response is relatively slow, lightweight throttle in the initial and early to accelerate when the right foot to make less effort to improve some efficiency, and on the other hand, the slow throttle also avoid the start of the occasional channeling Phenomenon, comfort is guaranteed.
But things are both sides, light throttle pedal in the urban area is a good thing, but if the driving in the relatively smooth urban loop or highway, relying on the right foot to stabilize the speed you need some patience and skill. 1.8T engine for vw shocks struts power sufficient, so even if the right foot gently ride on the accelerator pedal, the speed will be a steady and rapid rise, it will not take long to exceed the statutory speed limit. So want to keep a stable speed in two ways, the first is the right foot stretched strength, but a long time will be some acid. The second is to open the cruise speed, the need to slow down and depress the brake for subaru adjustable coilovers, the cruise will be canceled, you need to re-accelerate after this and then open again. Because this time to switch back and forth cruise cruise will make you feel cumbersome, so in the end you may still rely on the right foot to control the accelerator pedal, step on for a while, repeat this action frequently to ensure that they do not speed.

Rimac New Concept One

At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Croatian car brand Rimac has released its electric super sports car Rimac Concept One, the car with pure electric drive, speed up to 355km / h. Rimac has released a new Concept One model at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, compared to the old, new car battery capacity and motor power, while the appearance of a small change.
Compared to the old models, the display of the new Concept One in the appearance of a slight adjustment. The front part of the new car on both sides of the bumper at the entrance with a new design, blue border dotted in the white body is more dazzling. The new car body is still using two-color design for honda adjustable coilovers, black trim to the sides of the rear extension to the rear, through a large double-spoke five-spoke wheels, the whole is very dynamic.
The rear part of the new car compared to the old models of little change, still maintain a slightly Founder of the line, taillights using LED light source, light recognition after a higher degree. The new car is not equipped with a rear windshield, the body of the lower part for vw coilovers of the carbon fiber material after the diffuser visual effect is excellent.
Power system, the new car battery capacity and motor power compared to the old models have improved. The new car equipped with 90kWh battery pack, four motor system can produce 1242 horsepower (the old 1088 horsepower) and the maximum power of 1600 Nm maximum torque. 0-100km / h acceleration time of 2.5 seconds, 0-200km / h acceleration time of 6 seconds, 0-300km / h acceleration time of 14 seconds, the speed is consistent with the old models for vw adjustable coilovers, 355km / h (electronic Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit).

Han Teng X7 Europe Chassis adjustment

As a “visible car”Henderson X7 to European-style tough aesthetic thinking interpretation of “horse Tiancheng” design proposition, so that the vehicle is full of simple, elegant charm. Eager to red horse horse logo, full of body, smooth lines, as well as crafted craftsmanship, passing a unique European style of the European style. Set of dynamic light eyebrows, highlight lens Xenon headlamps, integrated dual LED daytime running lights in one of the wedge-shaped headlamps group, and double LED fog lights echo up and down, not only for night driving to provide broad vision, but also for the vehicle To a very high degree of recognition and sense of the times. Both classical and modern, ultra-high value of the Han Teng X7 so that every journey is pleasing to the eye.
European chassis adjustment with efficient, advanced combination of power, driving passion and fuel economy perfect fusion. 1.5T turbocharged engine maximum power of 109.8kW, peak torque 215N? M; 2.0T turbocharged engine maximum power of 140kW, peak torque of 250N? M, and with the 6-speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox. More powerful power output, more rapid response speed and more efficient fuel performance, so that the performance of Han Teng X7 far more than the same level.
2.81 meters long wheelbase, 1.9 meters wide body, 1.7 meters tall car body, Han Teng X7 to create the same level of spacious space. Such a large space, and with exquisite and elegant interior and technology sense of the full configuration, such as ROYAL-NAPPA top ergonomic chair, sporty leather suture multi-function steering wheel, surrounded by fluorescent atmosphere lights, large panoramic sunroof, People relaxed and happy driving atmosphere. Toward the distance or into life, Han Teng X7 large capacity can be met.

Electric super run Dendrobium “super speed”

The latest electric ultra-running Dendrobium concept version, jointly launched by Singapore’s electric car company Vanda Electric and Williams Advanced Engineering, debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017.
Dendrobium’s design fully utilizes aerodynamics, and the vehicle is equipped with a spoiler design, and the design of the body structure uses the F1 car’s composite technology, while the body uses a lot of carbon fiber material. And in the power side equipped with electric drive system.
Dendrobium equipped with four wheel motor as a power source, the maximum power of 1500HP, 100 km acceleration time is only 2.6s, the maximum speed of 400km / h, life mileage of 400km.
Speed and passion is absolutely regarded as a masterpiece of gold. The introduction of each one, many car brands have to share a cup of soup. This year’s Super 8 (not the hotel) will be released, it is smoking a lot of gold. Jaguar Land Rover Mercedes-Benz BMW, basically the car circle big brother have come. But as the speed and passion of fans, Road Ye found that each one will have a brand of soy sauce, that is, Subaru. Subaru high-performance models WRX STi series has always been there, but has always been used to cut the animation.