Chase D90 variety of driving mode

We see the final console style and we before the Guangde test drive to see the same line, the difference is to increase the part of the surface of the skin and cover. The center console through the upper and lower lines to outline, looks more rich sense of hierarchy. And this 12.3 inches in the control of the screen this still can not light up, this is our test drive in a small regret.
In the configuration, such as: a variety of driving mode selection, ACC adaptive cruise (hourly speed can be used when 150km / h), electronic handbrake, automatic parking, front seat heating, the main driving seat seat ventilation / massage Seat parking, panoramic sunroof, three automatic air conditioning, the second row of 12V power jack, steep slope slow down, the engine fit Subaru Impreza Coilovers for sale automatically start and stop, automatic parking (including parked and parked) and lane deviation reminder, etc. can be said to be very rich. In addition, SAIC Chase also offers a variety of optional configurations, such as rear axle differential lock, electric tailgate and so on.
As a seven SUV models, Chase D90 also uses a common 2 +3 +2 seat layout. As a C2B model, 3-8 seats can choose. The current use of seven models of the layout is very much, some models fit Subaru WRX Coilovers of the third row of the ride is very crowded space, usually go out is a simple emergency or other items, long ride comfort more general, then Chase D90′s third row How to ride the space, which will become our focus on the experience of the place.
As for the three layout, it is 1 +2 layout, co-pilot position is a foot, for sitting in the back of the VIP rest, this is somewhat similar to the previous style of Volvo fit Subaru Impreza Coilovers. In order to facilitate the third row of passengers in and out, the second row of seats can also tilt up the seat, so that you can slide forward more distance, and out of the third row of space is greater.

Morgan Motor Company founder

There is no way to know whether the founder Mr. H · F Morgan has Rolls-Royce brothers will Rolls-Royce brand to build on behalf of the top British handicraft depot as ambition, but a hundred years never collapse or easy to master the fact that has let All those who are familiar with the Morgan brand deeply felt their dedication. “We are fortunate to have a very loyal shareholder,” Morgan said, “said Morgan Morgan, Morgan, the current grandson of Morgan Morgan.
Like Morgan’s history, if you do not have the current Aero 8 in the country, you will think that Morgan has only produced two cars – three and four. In fact, whether it is three or four rounds, enduring shape and good control experience, making them are too successful, so that its edge always cover up the Morgan with the times of other products, such as 1963 ~ 1964 Introduced Plus 4Plus and SLR.
“This time we have to be stunning Quartet!” As Morgan’s third-generation head of the company, Charles Morgan is clearly aware of this. A brand new Morgan sports car to be able to use modern technology to express the traditional concept of repairer, it should be on the ideal and future interpretation. Using a brief meeting in a show, Charles Morgan won the commitment of BMW’s former chairman and Morgan fan, Mr. Pischetsrieder. In four years when he led Morgan’s extremely secret struggle, BMW sent two drive systems engineers to Morgan, and Bosch also provided an engine management system engineer. And in 2000 Geneva Motor Show launched the first 36 years since the first new models Aero 8, was able to be described as Fengming Qishan, earth-shattering.

Aero name into the history of Morgan development

There is little car can make me with this era have a sense of withdrawal, even sitting in the Rolls-Royce Mirage also inevitably with the secular sentiment into the play. Perhaps this is the charm of the Morgan brand, so that the birth of a hundred years of the brand is still as bright as evergreen, even if the annual contribution to the global automotive industry only 500 sales.
Yes, this is a small sports car factory. 25-year-old Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan (H · F · S Morgan) started from a repair shop, founded in 1909 Morgan Motor Company and in 1910 began manufacturing classic three-wheeled car, then participate in various competitions. Morgan’s three rounds were much faster than the other 4 wheels. Even for the sake of fairness, was asked to start in the game late in a circle. In the 1920s, the powertrain and chassis were already ripe, and the driver Gwenda Stewart drove the Morgan Aero SuperSoport to break the Montlhery track record in southern France. The name of Aero is included in the history of Morgan’s development.
100 years, for a small car company, what things are likely to happen, not to mention or in the turbulent 20th century. Throughout the history of Morgan Motor Company, as from the world in general, did not even any thrilling experience. Even during the Second World War, the government was requisitioned as a military factory, and most of Morgan’s employees returned to work quickly after the war. At the end of the twentieth century, the financial crisis swept the world, the majority of British car brands suffered a collapse, mergers or mergers and acquisitions, Morgan Motor Company is still running well, and performance is still growing.

Harley-Davidson 2017 new Touring station line

The protagonist of today’s story is Harley Davidson 17 travel department of the new car, Harley-Davidson 2017 new Touring station line equipped with the history of the most powerful new Milwaukee-Eight engine is about to visit China, open the Harley Knight luxury equipment ultimate dream trip!
The 2017 station wagon is equipped with a more powerful new Milwaukee-Eight engine. Milwaukee-EightTM 107 engine and Milwaukee-EightTM114 engine will Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine fit best 240sx Coilovers to an unprecedented height. After a long development process, after numerous mileage and time verification, each component has been carefully designed to create a new, to meet the Harley Knight on the engine performance and driving experience of higher requirements.
The engine is not only more powerful power output, more smooth, throttle response is more sensitive, bringing a new driving experience, power, performance and innovative technology of the new era fit 240sx Spring Struts. The cylinder is larger, equipped with four-valve cylinder head and double spark plug, the torque within the entire range of torque increased by 10%, while achieving higher power, but the net weight did not increase. The new precision oil cooling or water cooling improves the performance stability while reducing the operating temperature of the cooling system fit 240sx Suspension Kit, and can accommodate a variety of driving conditions such as urban roads and highways. The new design adjusts the rear exhaust and catalytic converters to improve ride comfort. Charging power is more efficient. Charging system in the idle state of the power increased by 50%, can easily meet the modern travel car system on the electrical system requirements.

Toyota’s Dragon Brother Tiger 2018

Sienna is one of the best-selling home MPVs in the United States, which is built in the heart of the US Indiana, and its space features are his main features, comfortable ride and easy to use. Equipped with a 296 hp 3.5-liter V6 engine, is a full-wheel drive configuration MPV.
Economical fuel-efficient hatchback Yaris is one of the most valuable models of small car field, both in China and the United States, are so. He is also the Toyota model of the cheapest models fit Toyota Corolla Coilovers for Sale, rich configuration, especially the security configuration, such as Toyota’s pre-crash system, lane deviation alarm and automatic high beam, etc., quite advanced.
The new Sienna has a lot of new upgrades, especially in the area of ​​active safety equipment. Including a pedestrian detection pre-collision system, full-speed range of dynamic radar cruise control system, steering lane departure warning system fit Toyota Corolla Coilovers, automatic high beam and so on. Sienna loaded the Toyota New Entune® 3.0 multimedia system, which includes navigation and application kits. There are 9 speakers for JBL audio options. The new car offers nine body colors, including three new options.
Yaris updated the appearance of the shape, the front face with a new grid and chrome decoration, rear bumper is also a new design. The back door is wider, the visual effect is exquisite and delicate. Interior is a small change fit best coilovers for 240sx s13, such as multi-function steering wheel audio control, instrument information display. Yaris has eight different colors, including two new options.

Minimum with 30 TFSI standard

Remove the whole system with the minimum 30 TFSI standard type, Q3 all equipped with a panoramic sunroof, which is a hi configuration. Its trunk is more structured, the rear seats also support 4/2/4 down, the couple traveling by car or move a home or what can be competent, and Q3 full standard with electric trunk, praise.
Volkswagen Group of this 1.4T engine do not have to say, a large area of ​​equipment in the public, Audi and other models have been enough to prove its excellent, its power is no problem, but also very fuel efficient. With the 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, it occasionally there will be some frustration, but overall the power with a good match.
Q3 The car’s female users and potential consumers are very much, the minimum configuration of the Q3 also have electronic handbrake and automatic parking, daily driving is very convenient. Its engine start and stop is the standard system, the fuel economy also has a certain upgrade.
Audi Q3 although the longest, but after a small facelift, the appearance looks very fashionable, a little too, but it is very common in the interior, and now some outdated, and good workmanship can be saved some. In terms of space and configuration, Q3 performance is more balanced, high acceptance. It is now the greatest competitiveness is the price, the starting price is not high, the discount rate is relatively large, together with a very attractive.


This article mentioned in the model, MINI COUNTRYMAN is characterized by the most distinctive, it is a very outstanding design sense, driving fun, but also so interesting. Now its 1.5T models have lowered the price threshold, for young consumers, the attraction is great.

New MINI COUNTRYMAN a total of 1.5T and 2.0T two engines, of which 1.5T models starting from only 286,000 yuan, and BMW X1 flat, taking into account its “Fan children” and the identity of imported cars, the price is still very tempting Force. It is recommended to buy the 1.5T COOPER ALL4 explorer or traveler version, they are more than 296,000 yuan COOPER ALL4 version of the more necessary configuration, in appearance and more beautiful. The price of the two with the same 332,000 yuan, but in the shape and configuration of a slight difference: the shape of the explorer version of the city and fashion, traveler version of wild and movement; configuration explorer version of the rise and more GPS navigation system, traveler version of the more 18-inch wheels, electric trunk, reversing images and Harmon Carton sound.

Kodiak has six driving modes

Under normal circumstances, the five models of the trunk capacity of 506L, the second row of seats down, the maximum volume can be expanded to 2065L. The 7 models of the normal trunk capacity of 190L, the largest volume can also be increased to 2065L, as much as possible to meet people’s daily travel or long-distance travel use needs.
Power is not only reflected in the appearance of Kodiak, the power advantage is also very obvious. The vehicle is equipped with the third generation EA888 series turbocharged engine, providing 1.8T and 2.0T two kinds of power. 1.8T engine maximum power of 132kw, the maximum torque of 300N · m; 2.0T engine fit Infiniti G35 coilovers maximum power of 162kw, the maximum torque of 350N · m. Kodiak strong driving force is the most intuitive embodiment of the 2.0T models 100 km acceleration time up to 7.5 seconds. At the same time, the engine uses direct injection and engine start and stop system, its fuel economy is also guaranteed. 1.8T models under the comprehensive conditions of 100 km fuel consumption can be as low as 7.2L. The EA888 engine is matched with a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission. In the test drive process fit z33 coilovers, Kodiak’s power and smooth ride comfort is really amazing. At about 1500 rpm, the vehicle gets plenty of power. At the same time, thanks to the smoothness of the shift, inadvertently, the speed will be raised to a higher level.
In addition, Kodiak has six driving modes, namely economy, standards, sports and personalized driving. The 2.0T model also provides intelligent four-wheel drive system fit best 350z coilovers, with snow and off-road mode options. For different road conditions, different use needs, Kodiak have different solutions. In order to ensure that the vehicle has a good handling and comfort, Kodiak with the former McPherson and rear four-link independent suspension, the ups and downs of the road has an excellent filtering capacity.

Kodiak ‘s interior design

The biggest highlight of the rear of the vehicle is the C-shaped LED taillights. 3D tail light shape not only has a full three-dimensional sense, and the rear of the vehicle to separate, making the tail with a sense of hierarchy. While the lower part of the honeycomb horizontal strip area is small, but given the visual sense of satisfaction is strong, is the tail of the few, the role of one of the obvious elements.
Kodiak’s interior design to practical, the overall simple, not rigidly adhere to. No complicated design and filling, but can be more focused on driving, but also more likely to turn the eyes out of the window. Central control area is still dominated by tough, each button or details of the outline of the more square. From left to right, the center console line smooth, the overall feeling more stretch. Vice drive front and door with decorative panels. The regional functions are clearly divided. The position of the bar fit 07 infiniti g35 coupe coilovers is slightly narrow, the corresponding widening of the main driving and co-drive driving space.
Vehicles use three-style steering wheel, grip full. In the test drive process, the hand can be more fit with the steering wheel, and in the electric power steering system under the action of the steering wheel rotation effortlessly. Women can also drive this medium-sized SUV, with excellent operating experience. Dashboard with two-color design fit 2005 infiniti g35 coupe coilovers. Black and white display clearly, it is not easy to produce fatigue. Kodiak with no border design of the 8-inch all-glass display, touch sensitive.
Skoda Kodiak body length and width were 4698 mm, 1676 mm and 1883 mm, the wheelbase is 2791 mm. Thanks to the large body size, Kodiak has a decent performance in space. Before and after the row of driving space is very wide, while the maximum to meet the daily needs of the load. In addition to five models fit Infiniti G35 Coupe coilovers, Kodiak also offers seven models. The test drive vehicle for the five models. Front row, the head and leg space are good performance. In the rear ride, the occupant’s leg space is particularly wide. Coupled with a strong sense of comfort leather seats, Kodiak can ease the exhaustion, more like a resting place.

Roewe i6 fuel consumption test

Fuel consumption, Sagitar gearbox positive shift to bring it a good result, although the daily driving really feel some of the power output is limited feeling, but in the performance of fuel consumption or get a good result.
Today’s comparison is absolutely unconventional, then the two cars have a large price difference on the basis of why do you have to do? As the title is written, this is the Chinese brand to the joint venture brand launched the challenge book. In recent years the progress of the Chinese brand is really very obvious, and its ultimate goal is certainly to a higher goal, so we based on this idea to the Roewe i6 a challenge to the joint venture benchmark. The end result is i6 in the interior design, seat comfort, accelerated testing and other projects did make a better performance, but the daily driving, especially the performance of the chassis suspension, from the speed Teng still have a certain gap. In the noise performance, the city used the difference between the two cars is not obvious, and to the speed of 100km / h above the state, i6 on both sides of the A column position will have a clear wind.
Overall, at least in the static part of the Chinese brand products have been able to challenge the joint venture brand, and has begun to affect a lot of joint venture models of the market. And in terms of dynamic performance, Roewe i6 also has a remarkable place, but in the chassis and wind noise control, there is no small room for improvement.