The new Borui interior adjustment

Borui should be auspicious in recent years, the first to attract the eyes of the value of stunning, it should also introduce new models this year. The most noteworthy is the power part, 1.8T engine maximum power increased to 184 horsepower, compared to cash 1.8T models increased the output of 20 horsepower. At the same time, the new car will also increase the 1.8T engine + dual clutch gearbox powertrain new models. And we expect the new Borui will no longer launch a 3.5L V6 engine equipped with flagship models.
According to the previous report, the new Borui in the appearance and interior aspects of the adjustment, the front facelift of the new style of headlights and bumper fit BMW 323i Coilovers, the bottom of the through-type air inlet shape is very innovative. The rear of the new car has also been adjusted, after the bumper to increase the chrome trim and both sides of the stomatal design, with a total of two out of the exhaust, more refined and sporty.
Interior parts, the new Borui dress up a new shape of the four-spoke steering wheel, the shape of a change in the style of the steering wheel of the mediocre design, even more fashionable. The new car’s center console maintains the style and layout of the cash model fit BMW E46 320i Coilovers.
The new Borui’s rear seat central armrest has also been redesigned, the two cups on the armrest by the cashmere type of circular split into octagonal conjoined style, armrest on both sides of the edge also uses a silver bar Shaped decoration, a more sense of grade. It is reported that the new Borui’s seat with a new leather fabric and filler, seat softness also improved.
Borui models of the overall strength is quite good, my colleagues when the first wave of Bo Rui, could not help but lament the Chinese brand can be so fast progress fit BMW E46 Coilovers for Sale, and even left the excitement of tears. To this day, Borui’s image has been established, but its ambition lies in the greater sales. So, it’s up to the upgrade is very targeted, in the design to enhance the sense of fashion and taste. At the same time optimize the model, the more concentrated in the power to upgrade the 1.8T models and attention is not low 2.4L models, sales of 3.5L models are not likely to be abandoned.

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