The new changes in the Bo

Last year, the listing of Bo Yue can be said that the lack of popularity, and most of the praise is also praise. In the highly competitive SUV market, it is not easy to keep such a high degree of concern like Bo Yue. So Bo in the gaze of everyone is also difficult to sit, need a more positive performance to keep the status. But did not think that even the opponents have not had time to react, it has to launch this year, the new. But from the spy photos, the new models fit E46 Shock Absorbers are not many changes.
Appearance, the new Geely Bo Yue and no significant change. The new car will be introduced as an annual facelift model, the main changes in the control of the screen above, compared to cash models to cancel the new car design, while the size has increased, I believe the new car will be upgraded in the mobile Internet system.
Power, the new car is expected to continue to carry 2.0L and 1.8T two engines fit BMW 328i Coilovers, the maximum power of 141 horsepower and 184 horsepower. Transmission, the match will be 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission.
As the brand of explosive models, Bo Yue is still very aggressive, followed by the pace of the mainstream, very active upgrade configuration. But the SUV market has never been a lack of powerful role fit BMW 325i Coilovers, every year more eye-catching opponents come out, so Bo more to a firm foothold really need to “ruthless” point.

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