Changan MPV models

The name is a new name, this car is a new positioning. Ling Xuan’s size is larger than the Changan Auchan, length and width were 4730/1795 / 1730mm, wheelbase 2760mm, with 2 +2 +3 seven layout. Power carrying a model for the JL478QEA 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 91kW (125Ps), the peak torque of 160Nm.
This car is very clear positioning, is the home MPV market, and then is the opponent directed by Po Chun 730, so this size and Po Chun 730 compared to the length of more than 20mm, the width of more than 10mm, the wheelbase grows 10mm, basically what are To be strong opponents turbocharger suppliers, want to get rid of Po Chun 730′s determination is well known.
In this regard, Changan Automobile Ling Xuan is indeed done enough homework. This is by the Changan Automobile Japan Design Center to build a new car, the overall shape of the atmosphere stable, while fashion technology, home also look pleasing.
Previously, Changan MPV models replacement turbo are launched by Changan commercial vehicles, Ling Xuan is Changan Automobile “V” standard under the first MPV models, Chang’an Automobile is also a significant significance. Changan Automobile Vice President Li Wei said, Ling Xuan’s listing not only opened a long safety new product lineage, but also shoulder the Chinese car brand mid-size MPV turbo aftermarket overall market breakthrough and reshape the important pattern of market structure.

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