MPV sales charts

MPV sales last year, the top ten, almost all independent brands (only a GL8 is a joint venture brand), which SAIC GM Wuling have two, Changan Automobile has two, Dongfeng Liu steam has two.
However, there is a brand is not satisfied, because it only occupied the third and fifth, the first two were SAIC GM Wuling Wuling Hongguang and Po Chun 730 occupied.
Well, this brand is Changan car. It’s the Ounuo and Auchan were third and fifth, which makes love face Changan car heart some bad mood turbo for sale.
Now, Changan car in the car and SUV products, some models can do one of the best. But in MPV, Changan would like to break the fate of Wuling long-term championship runner-up. Moreover, in the end of home MPV, Changan has not been very to force the models turbocharger for sale cheap, which makes Changan Automobile intends to come up with a little move.
Bluntly, especially to see Po Chun 730 sell so well, Chang decided to give it the color to see. Besides, the champion turns to do, can not always be Bao Jun to Pa, not to mention Changan turbocharger replacement now emboldened enough.
This afternoon, the car sister uncle to see the Changan car this murder – Ling Xuan.

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